No Sense of Place​

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No Sense of Place

The decision of Mrs May to take her phoney war with the European Commission to Grimsby today has to be one of the most cloth-eared geographical decisions that this benighted Prime Minister has yet to make.

Catherine Blaiklock the leader of the Brexit Party said,

“For the Prime Minister to visit Grimsby to carry on gramophone diplomacy is as absurd a decision as it is insulting to the local population there. A town where 70% voted to Leave in the Referendum, where polling last month had a No deal option beat a the PM’s option by 57% – 43%.

“A town whose pre-eminence in fishing has collapsed in value and tonnage with landings collapsing from 170,000 tonnes in 1970 to 4,700 tonnes in 2017.

“And she is trying to persuade an intransigent European Commission by attempting to talk at them, despite years of trying to talk with them to no avail.

“We know, after all the EU negotiators have told us until they are blue in the face, that there will be no shift on the Withdrawal agreement that she agreed to last year. Yet somehow she thinks that a foghorn in the Port of Grimsby will change their mind.

“Either that or she has given up and this grandstanding, Brittania of the fish-docks posing will convince her own backbenchers to give up and accept the worst of all deals.

“It is time to grow a spine, Mrs May, do what you promised and walk away from this bad deal and take us out into a clean managed WT0 style situation. The people of the UK are fed up with the charade, and the people of Grimsby just want us to get on with it and provide us, our businesses and our friends, allies and trading partners around the world with a degree of certainty.”