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Important Note regarding donations of £500.01 and over by individual persons:
We can only accept Donations totaling £500.01 and over from an individual that is registered on the UK electoral register. If you are donating £500.01 or over, you must tick the box marked “Share your mailing address with The Brexit Party so they can acknowledge your donation.” during the PayPal Process. This enables us to confirm we can accept your donation.

Important Note regarding donations from Companies:
Most UK-registered companies and UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK can donate. You must include your company number in ‘Add a note’ field during the PayPal Process.

Important Note regarding all donations:

You should only join as a registered supporter and/or donate to the party if you are on the electoral roll and eligible to vote.

Post cheques to: The Brexit Party 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW

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